Jersey Engagement Shoot on the Beach by Tracey Attlee with thanks and congrats to Tara and Nick!

A new video produced by Attlee Weddings and Portraits showing No VA, DC and NJ brides and grooms how to pin on a wedding boutonniere!

                                                        Sephardic Jewish Washington DC Wedding Photos by Tracey Attlee

                                      Spring Lake, New Jersey Beach Engagement Photos by Tracey Attlee

                          NJ Beach Wedding Photos at St. Catharine's and Spring Lake Golf Club by Tracey Attlee

                      Top  DC Wedding Photography at Congressional Country Club by Tracey Attlee

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Voted best dc weddings photography in Washington by Washingtonian Magazine - Tracey Attlee dc weddings photography in Alexandria, VA has been changing the look of traditional weddings and their albums with her exquisite photographs for over 20 years. As an esteemed Washington DC weddings photographer, Tracey Attlee utilizes her real-life experience as a former White House photographer with photojournalistic skills that capture gorgeous, candid moments on camera. Tracey Attlee wedding photography portrays the complete story and evokes emotions that were felt on that magical day. Tracey Attlee is your ideal traditional and photojournalistic photographer. New Jersey, Virginia, New York and Washington, DC are home to some of Tracey Attlee's photographed weddings. Tracey Attlee is not your typical wedding photographer. Washington, DC and the New York metropolitan area are two of the many mid-Atlantic locations you can find her shooting stunning photographs for all occasions. As a corporate portrait and event photographer, Tracey Attlee also offers a variety of styles and techniques for businesses. We invite you to browse our site to learn more about all of the services offered by Tracey Attlee Weddings and Portraits. Also throughout our site and on Tracey's professional blog, you can find helpful wardrobe tips and tricks and information on destination weddings.

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Top Quality Wedding Photography in Alexandria, VA, DC, Jersey, NYC

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Top Quality DC Weddings Photography in Washington  Alexandria VA  Spring Lake NJ 

City Country and Beach Weddings Photography by Tracey Attlee in Alexandria Virginia Washington, DC  Spring Lake NJ  New York City

Tracey Attlee, local to Alexandria, VA, is a top DC, MD, VA, DE, NJ and NY city and beach weddings photographer with previous White House service known for her style of casual elegance and highly recommended by Washington DC's prestigious country clubs including Congressional, Chevy Chase, Cosmos, Kenwood, Sulgrave and Columbia and Virginia's Ft. Belvoir and Ft. Myer Officer's Clubs for excellent, reliable, good quality photography. Attlee Weddings and Portraits has been recommended by Washingtonian Magazine as top DC weddings photographer for several years in a row.

"Amazing!  Excellent!  Awesome!" are what the thank you notes from clients say about Tracey Attlee, a wedding and portrait photographer who is local to Washington, DC and Spring Lake, NJ.  Attlee is recommended for weddings from northern Virginia to DC to New York City and provides consistent high quality, great looking, fine art wedding photography, custom made albums and hand retouched canvas and display prints.

​"I LOVED THE SNEAK PEEK!  We both cried!!!"  her client Jeremy texted after viewing a sneak peek of photographs Attlee took of his surprise wedding proposal to his girlfriend at the Lincoln Memorial in Washington, DC on Valentine's night:

"I received the wall portrait in the mail yesterday (very fast) and it is GORGEOUS!  Its unlike anything I have ever seen.  The clarity and color is just amazing. It makes me want to order more because there is simply no comparison when you get pictures from the drug store.  I want to thank you so much!" writes her client Laura. 

An established No. VA wedding photographer, Tracey Attlee's skilled wedding photography is recommended by Christ Church, Grace Church and St. Mary's Church in Alexandria,VA, Holy Trinity and Christ Episcopal Church in Georgetown and the Sixth and I Historic Synagogue in Washington, DC. 

Tracey Attlee grew up in Spring Lake, N.J., and frequently photographs weddings in New York City and on the Jersey beaches. Tracey Attlee's Jersey beach wedding photos are featured and recommended by Spring Lake Bath & Tennis Club, St. Catharine Church, The Breakers Hotel on the Ocean, All Saints Church in Bay Head, Manasquan River Golf Club and The Brielle River House.  

With impressive references and over 20 years experience photographing weddings from Virginia to New York, Tracey Attlee wedding photography is recommended when you need an excellent wedding photographer in DC, a local, experienced, artistic, professional VA wedding photographer, a provider of modern, great New York wedding photos, an amazing, reliable New Jersey wedding photographer, an excellent beach wedding photographer on the New Jersey, Delaware and Maryland shores and Tracey Attlee is a great choice for DC weddings because she is a photographer with actual experience covering official Washington for clients ranging from The Associated Press to The New York Times.

Known for expertise in city, country and beach weddings and a classic style of casual elegance, Attlee Weddings and Portraits photographs are featured in bridal magazines, corporate and art galleries from Virginia to New York.  Being formerly White House cleared makes Tracey Attlee a high quality, full-time expert for good Washington DC weddings and as a commercial photographer.  
Being a trained watercolor painter Tracey Attlee applies classic principles of painting and color theory to her photographic compositions and wedding album designs every day, making her a creative, artistic DC, VA, MD, DE, PA, NY and NJ wedding photographer. "My skill in finding each person's most flattering angles comes from years of experience behind the lens.  In just seconds I can assess figure and form and decide on the best light, background and composition for each client," says Tracey Attlee.  

​"I shoot quickly and my clients often say 'Hey, that was fun! and painless!" says Attlee.  Later when clients request adjustments for face shine, slimming figures, removing stray hair or retouching faces, I do it by hand so they look natural and pretty," she continues.  "Attlee Weddings and Portraits has earned a reputation for great wedding photography in Alexandria, VA and as excellent DC wedding photographers because we retouch images beautifully by hand.  Quick, trendy retouching tricks end up looking dated in a few years so we retouch by hand to make sure everyone's skin tones look good now and forever in whatever display the client chooses, canvas wall prints, classic, traditional wedding albums or modern, artistic coffee table books and gallery wraps." 

"My book of 'Befores and Afters' amazes people. They see for themselves what we do with faces, figures and environments.  We want our clients to love their pictures.  When they receive our hand retouched finished prints and say "These are great!  They're the best pictures of myself I've ever seen. You made me look good.  You are an amazing DC wedding photographer!" it makes my day," smiles Tracey Attlee. "You make everyone look good," says a bride's mother.  "We are so lucky to have found you," says her daughter, the bride.  "You are more than a photographer."  

Photographing quickly is perhaps one of Tracey's most appreciated attributes.  It comes from her years of covering official Washington.  As a White House credentialed photographer for the New York Times and the Associated Press she learned to work fast because VIPs only have a few minutes to be photographed.  "I can't believe you're already finished.  You're magic," says Senator Rockefeller, whose family weddings, re-election campaign and official family portraits Tracey has privately photographed for the last 18 years.  "You're the fastest gun in the West," says Colin Powell. 

Tracey's attentive, friendly attitude goes a long way in relaxing clients.  During their first telephone conversation, an out of town bride said "I already feel comfortable with you and that is a large part of it."  She hired Tracey at the conclusion of the conversation without ever having met her in person.  

​Throughout Tracey Attlee's wedding photography career the New York Times, Town & Country, Brides, Modern Bride and the Washington Post have all featured her work in articles highlighting the best wedding photography around.  Hannelore's bridal shop in Alexandria, VA recently wrote Tracey a note saying "Your photography is awesome."

​Claire Flanders of Washington, D.C., a popular French society photographer, had the most influence on Tracey's career.  Tracey speaks French and would often assist Claire on weekends with weddings and portraits.  Claire admired Tracey's skills with the camera and with people.  She encouraged Tracey Attlee to join her as a top DC weddings and portrait photographer.  "Tracey, you were born to do this!" Claire said and generously helped Tracey launch Attlee Weddings and Portraits. Today, twenty years later, Tracey Attlee has earned her reputation as a trusted, expert DC, VA, MD, NJ and NY wedding photographer for families throughout the Northeast.  

Among NJ wedding photographers and NY wedding photographers, Tracey Attlee is a natural, a Jersey born wedding photographer who grew up riding in the waves, boating and offshore fishing with her father.  Taking the train from the Jersey shore up to New York City art galleries was also a major pastime for Tracey Attlee. 

Tracey Attlee personally photographs every wedding from start to finish for her clients at no extra charge.  Attlee Weddings and Portraits offers VA, DC, MD, NJ and NY hourly wedding photo rates by two professional wedding photographers (Tracey Attlee and professional architectural photographer/husband Todd A. Smith "We work together as a team. I photograph the bride when she is getting ready and at the same time Todd photographs the groom and his entourage.  It gives the clients more memories and makes the best use of time before the ceremony," says Attlee.  

Attlee Weddings and Portraits accepts weddings great and small and provides options for two to 12 hours of wedding photography and beyond.  A typical four hour package starts at $2000. "Oh that is reasonable!" says a well known DC wedding coordinator.  The secret is Tracey Attlee works from her home office and does not have to charge higher prices to cover the costly studio overhead her competitors have.

When you hire Attlee Weddings and Portraits to photograph your wedding, you can always expect fair prices and enthusiastic, hard work from your lead photographer Tracey Attlee.  When you call Attlee Weddings and Portraits to discuss your event you can expect personal service and to speak directly with Tracey Attlee.  Her office line is 703-751-1778.  

​Wedding and albums offered by Tracey Attlee are high quality and range from custom made with premium grade leather covers to hand assembled with wraparound photograph hardcovers in diverse sizes.  Her enlargements are always professionally printed and her albums are guaranteed for life.  Attlee Weddings and Portraits is insured and licensed.

Please contact Tracey Attlee Weddings and Portraits at your earliest convenience with the date and location of your event, the approximate number of guests you'll invite and any special photographic wishes you'd like to discuss.  If you'd like a great NY wedding photographer in No.VA, DC or MD our local Alexandria, VA wedding photography office line is 703-751-1778.  For the best professional NY wedding photographer or NJ wedding photographer throughout the Jersey shore to NYC you are welcome to call Tracey Attlee's cell phone 703-966-9938.  

With so much personal attention given to each wedding Tracey Attlee only takes a limited number of jobs each month, especially in spring and fall, so please call now to check for availability, 703-751-1778! 

DC Cherry Blossom Engagement Fine Art Photo Slideshow for Bob and Kevin by Tracey Attlee