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For over 20 years this military family team of former White House photographer Tracey Attlee of Alexandria, VA assisted by professional architectural photographer and retired US Marine Todd A. Smith, her husband, have created beautiful video and great photos for families of our nation's military fallen at Arlington National Cemetery.


With other vendors you may never be told exactly who will be your photographer or videographer.  With Attlee Photo Video you always know Tracey Attlee is your lead assisted by professional architectural photographer/videographer and retired US Marine Todd A. Smith.  All the work you see on this website is ours.  We cater to families who want high quality work and personal service so we only film one Honors Ceremony at Arlington per day. 


Attlee Photo Video packages include a gorgeous fine art high definition 1080p video freshly filmed exclusively from your loved one's Honors.  We want you to cherish the many details of your loved one's Honors Ceremony and the light, landscape and weather that surrounded it.  As such you can expect at least 250 high resolution Jpgs to keep that Tracey has globally adjusted for beautiful color, density and sharpness with a video she has personally post produced to be sure it is a lovely, patriotic memory for generations.  Attlee Photo Video packages start at $1575.  For a nominal extra fee you can order a hard cover photo book with thick, substantial pages featuring your 50 favorite photographs arranged in a custom design by Tracey.  Would you like to add coverage of the funeral repast including family portraits during the reception?  Yes we offer that service too.

"Tracey Attlee, your photographs of our father's burial at Arlington National Cemetery are simply incredible.   My family was blown away how you captured the most important moments as well as shots we would never have thought of.  We never knew you were there but the pictures are so up close and personal.  You and your husband clearly have a knowledge and respect for this most important military honor.   Thanks so much for capturing these memories, being so professional and truly great to work with."  John Molli, director, Wells Fargo Bank

Top Air Force, Navy, Marines, Coast Guard, Army Full Honors Funeral Videographer at Arlington Cemetery


Tracey Attlee PhotoVideo has 20 years experience covering military funeral Honors at Arlington National Cemetery.  We are husband (USMC retired) and wife each with previous White House service.  We offer a package with freshly recorded high definition video and audio from multiple cameras plus great photography from each particular military Honors Ceremony at Arlington Cemetery we cover. 


Please note:  We NEVER send post card solicitations to grieving families; it is against our policy.  Nor do we pretend to be official Arlington Cemetery media as some do.  Arlington Cemetery representatives cannot recommend photographers or videographers; it is against the law for them to do so.  Therefore anyone who says they are official Arlington National Cemetery media or recommended by Arlington National Cemetery is making a fraudulent claim.


Attlee videography and photos are created specially for you to honor and glorify the memory of your loved one and their service to our Nation. We know how and when to document the protocols and beautiful details that will be performed in this once-in-a-lifetime, most privileged military Ceremony.  With our experience and beautiful finished work you you will have chosen a trusted photo video team highly recommended by Everly-Wheatley Funeral Home, Alexandria, VA; Francis J. Collins Funeral Home, Inc., Silver Spring, MD; Joseph Gawler's Sons, Inc., Washington, D.C.; Murphy Funeral Home, Arlington, VA; Fort Myer Officer's Club; Columbia Gardens, Arlington, VA; Funeral Choices of Chantilly, VA; Cunningham Turch Funeral Home, Alexandria, VA; Demaine Funeral Home, Alexandria, VA and Demaine Funeral Home Springfield, VA, Columbia Gardens, Quantico National Cemetery and others.

The above high definition video by Tracey Attlee is a behind-the-scenes look at the thrilling precision and dignity exhibited by the U.S. Army Presidential Salute Battery (PSB) at a military funeral in Arlington National Cemetery.  

Guests at military funerals at Arlington Cemetery of course hear the PSB cannons but generally never see them since the Battery works out of sight of the guests in designated locations elsewhere on the grounds of the Cemetery.

This video by Tracey Attlee is a behind the scenes look at the Army's Presidential Salute Battery in 100+ degree July temperatures as they honor a fallen Major General at his Full Honors funeral in Arlington National Cemetery.

With special thanks to SSG Bebee and the entire Presidential Salute Battery for their help and for their faithful service to our Nation.

Attlee Fine Art Slideshows with On Site Audio

You can still have the look of video if you prefer still photography only.  "A Fitting Tribute to an American Airman Col. William Lloyd Richards USAF, decorated Vietnam Veteran and True Patriot!" is a Tracey Attlee fine art slide show produced for the Richards and Ficke families whom we thank for permitting us to post the show for the benefit of all veterans and their families.  The show is made exclusively from the photographs and the audio Attlee captured on site that day at the U.S. Air Force Memorial in Arlington VA and later at the Full Honors Ceremony at Arlington National Cemetery.

Thank You Notes from Military Families​


"Tracey it was a huge comfort to the family and guests knowing that you and your husband were there for us.  We look forward to seeing the results of your hard work."  Joel

"Tracey we appreciated your attentiveness and "blending in" for the service.  I knew I didn't need to take my phone out at all to take pictures and was able to be more present in the moment.  I know you and your husband do this for a career, however, it is also a call to service that you both answered and we appreciate what you did for our family and the service you continue to provide to other fallen servicemen and servicewomen."


"Ms. Tracey Attlee's body of work can best be described in one word: Masterpiece.  My family and I will be forever grateful for the Photos, Video, and Albums you did on the Honors Ceremony of my beloved husband, when he was laid to rest at Arlington National Cemetery on 17 May 2017.  For you, it is a personal mission to honor the fallen, and provide solace to the bereaved family through your cameras.  Your creative works captured all the moments of that memorable event. You are highly skilled, committed to your craft, respectful, and professional in every sense of the word.  Indeed! The Military Honors Ceremony Photos are first-class quality; the Video is of ineffable beauty; the Albums are flawless.  You gave us precious gifts of remembrances.  My family and I hold you in greatest esteem.  Thank You So!" Y Trucken


"Tracey, would like to tell you the Honors Video is outstanding!  The quality is first class.  Your editing is exceptional.  The content selection is well done.  My family and I thank you!"  Yolanda

"Thank you so much Tracey! It was a pleasure working with you. I look forward to getting the video and pictures. I'm sure they are just beautiful. I will send a quick note to make sure you know we received them. Thanks so much again. You have been so wonderful to work with in such a tragic time for our family. Thanks again!!" Whitney

"Tracey Attlee, you and your husband did a wonderful job of photographing my husband's Honors Ceremony at Arlington National Cemetery. The only time I saw you was at the every end when we were leaving the cemetery.  Your photographs captured so much of what I did not see.  I find them comforting and very beautiful.  I thank you from the bottom of my heart."  Sincerely, Marsha

​"Thank you Tracey Attlee and your husband so much for the beautiful pictures of Dad's Full Honors at Arlington National Cemetery and the hand delivery of the disc at my front door.  Everyone is thrilled with the way you captured the events of the day. The day was something to treasure for sure and you made it possible to keep in our hearts."  Thank you so much, Joyce