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Introducing Tracey Attlee Photography  of  Weddings, Portraits in DC, Philly, Jersey, NYC

Local DC society wedding photographer Tracey Attlee is your best choice for Virginia, Washington, DC, Baltimore, Philadelphia, Jersey and New York City weddings if you seek a high level of individual service including hand retouched photographs, custom made wedding albums and elegant digital photography from a top quality, experienced photographer.  Tracey Attlee speaks French and partnered with popular French society wedding photographer Claire Flanders of Washington, DC for many years, photographing the best city and country weddings and parties in Washington, D.C. Tracey Attlee has wide and solid technical photographic knowledge earned through years of experience as a White House credentialed photographer for the New York Times, The Associated Press, Time and Reuters who covered official Washington during the the Clinton and Bush Administrations.  For 25 years Tracey Attlee has earned her reputation as  a good, trusted wedding and portrait photographer and is recommended by DC's prestigious Congressional Country Club, The Sulgrave Club, The Cosmos Club, Chevy Chase Club, The Metropolitan Club, Columbia Country Club, Kenwood Country Club, Belle Haven Country Club, Ft. Myer Officer's Club, Ft. Belvoir Officer's Club.  Attlee's home base is Alexandria, VA with roots extending to her childhood seaside home town of lovely Spring Lake, New Jersey where she is recommended for quality wedding photography by Spring Lake Bath and Tennis Club, The Breakers Hotel on the Ocean and Spring Lake Golf Club; Attlee photographs weddings from DC and Baltimore to Philly to the Jersey shore up to New York City. Tracey Attlee is an artistic DC wedding photographer, a watercolor painter and an award winning member of The Art League in Alexandria VA who uses the art principles of design and color in every wedding album, canvas wall print and hand retouched photograph she creates for her clients.

​Tracey Attlee: corporate annual report photographer - In the world of business one of the most important key factors is branding. As a corporate annual report photographer, Tracey Attlee is able to help a business improve its image and form a branding strategy with her beautifully lit and well composed photographs. Her photography combines art and classic design to create the most flattering images possible. An expert in Photoshop post production, Tracey Attlee is there for business clients from initial capture through final preparation of their most important image files. Tracey Attlee also covers public relations and corporate events of all sizes. So whether you are a Fortune 500 Company or a small business owner, Tracey Attlee will happily create impressive photographs that reflect well on your business using her broad experience and state of the art digital imaging.  For details and sample photography used in corporate annual reports and other business applications please visit Tracey Attlee's complete corporate and business web site 

​Tracey Attlee is a complete photography and album design specialist - As a complete album design specialist, Attlee Weddings and Portraits is able to present a variety of styles and offer unique solutions for the needs of our social photography customers.  We offer traditional English Library style matted albums and contemporary coffee table albums of the finest materials and compositions. With the launching of Tracey Attlee Weddings and Portraits twenty five years ago, Tracey Attlee is a diverse photographer with skills in people photography for weddings, engagements, child, family and senior portraits.  New Jersey shore and Washington, D.C. are just two of Tracey Attlee's specialty locations. Tracey Attlee Weddings and Portraits has 25 years of experience with weddings in the New York, Philadelphia and Washington, DC metropolitan areas. We invite you to browse the site to learn more about what Tracey Attlee Weddings and Portraits can do for you. Throughout this page you can find informative articles on how to select a photographer and the appropriate style for you. Learn how to determine if photojournalistic wedding photography, traditional, or a mix of styles best suit you. We have also provided tips and tricks on selecting outfits, accessories, and make-up for family portraits. 

For the best good quality weddings photographer in DC, Philadelphia, New Jersey and New York City think photographer Tracey Attlee of Attlee Weddings and Portraits who has 25 years of solid experience in wedding photography and is recommended by the best hotels and private clubs in DC including Congressional Country Club and The Inn at Little Washington. Tracey Attlee is much more than your typical Philadelphia, New York and DC wedding photographer. New Jersey, Maryland, Washington, DC, Virginia, and the entire mid-Atlantic region is her area of expertise. She is specialized in the field of photojournalism, digital photography, DC, and has even covered official Washington for the New York Times and the Associated Press. In fact, Tracey Attlee is also an experienced destination wedding photographer who speaks French and grew up on the beaches of Spring Lake, New Jersey.

​Tracey Attlee: corporate event photographer - In the world of business one of the most important key factors is branding. As a corporate event photographer, Tracey Attlee is able to help a business improve its image and form a branding strategy. Her photography combines art and experience to create the most flattering images possible. An expert in Photoshop post production, Tracey Attlee is there for you from initial capture through final preparation of your most important image files. Tracey Attlee covers public relations and corporate events of all sizes. So whether you are a Fortune 500 Company or a small business owner, Tracey Attlee will happily document your special event with state of the art digital imaging.  

​Classic wedding photography by Tracey Attlee - Artful, elegant, candid, customized, and documentary styled - that is the unique approach of Tracey Attlee Weddings and Portraits.  Photojournalistic wedding photography with an artistic vision just for you. Never miss a beat as we capture your wonderful day as it unfolds. The exceptional technique and mix of photojournalistic and traditional styles creates one-of-a-kind images. Document your special day in style and with natural beauty. Capture the essence of the moments and events in photographs from your New York, Philadelphia and DC weddings photographer Tracey Attlee.  Photojournalistic style allows for those spontaneous and fleeting moments to enchant the story. At Tracey Attlee Weddings and Portraits, we dare to share those candid, honest moments. Never worry that those great highlights were missed; you always get two photographers for your wedding, Tracey Attlee as lead photographer and her husband architectural photographer Todd A. Smith.  Our photographs document the entire event and still keep Grandma happy with as many traditionally posed formal photographs as you request. We take fun and creativity to a new level and we wish to share our love of photography with you.

​Choosing Tracey Attlee as your DC wedding photojournalist -  DC Weddings Photojournalist Tracey Attlee - Your wedding should be one of the happiest days of your life and you should have no reason to fret over the details, especially your photographer. Tracey Attlee is an esteemed Washington, DC wedding photojournalist who brings creativity and life to all of her photographs. With over 25 years of experience, award-winning Tracey Attlee Weddings and Portraits is the answer to your photography needs.  At Tracey Attlee Weddings and Portraits, we understand how hard it is to pick out the perfect photographer and it is even more difficult choosing a photographer who knows how to blend art and beauty into photojournalistic wedding photography. Tracey Attlee Weddings and Portraits invites you to browse our site to learn more about tips and tricks on how to select your ideal Washington, DC wedding photojournalist. Remember, your wedding is supposed to be one of the happiest days of your life, so sit back and let us do the work. We are also available for your corporate event. Photographer Tracey Attlee will make your day one to remember. Forever!

​Selecting New York, Philadelphia and DC weddings photographer Tracey Attlee - Feel inspired and beautiful, cherish and relive all of those precious wedding moments every time you see your photographs.  Isn't that what you really want, great quality wedding photography to enjoy throughout your life? There are several important things to remember when selecting a photographer. Style is important; however, many photographers shoot in a mix of various styles. For each of the photographers that you are considering, you should ask to see a portfolio. Also, it is important to make sure the photographer you are meeting with is the one who took the pictures in the portfolio and is the one that will be there on your big day. Your wedding is an intimate, personal day and you want to feel that special connection or chemistry with the person you hire. Location is also a key factor. When selecting a wedding photographer you should consider one from the metropolitan area in which you reside. Tracey Attlee is a Philadelphia, New York, Jersey and DC wedding photographer with longevity; she has served the East Coast for over 25 years.  With roots in Spring Lake, NJ she serves both the tri-state area and is also your ideal Washington, DC weddings photographer with an office in Alexandria, Virginia, just minutes from Ronald Reagan National Airport.

Washington, DC wedding photographer choices - When considering different photographers it is so important to be aware of their experience. It is always best to correspond with several people and then meet face-to-face with your top candidates. If you are located in the mid-Atlantic region, you should consider interviewing a Philadelphia, New Jersey, New York, or Washington, DC wedding photographer such as Tracey Attlee who has photographed beach, town, city and country weddings for over 25 years. 

​Wedding photographer Philadelphia - There are so many things to mull over when making such an essential decision as the choice of your wedding photographer. All couples have different ways of selecting their best wedding photographer.  In the Philadelphia area and particularly the DC area, candidates may specialize in different style weddings than those from the Jersey shore. It is important to ask the person you are thinking about hiring if they have experience shooting weddings in either your exact location or a similar one.​  Tracey Attlee has photographed weddings in DC, Philadelphia, Spring Lake, NJ and New York City for 25 years so her business, Attlee Weddings and Portraits, has plenty of experience and reputation no matter what city your wedding will be celebrated.

Tracey Attlee for weddings in the mid-Atlantic region - Consider Tracey Attlee Weddings and Portraits for your perfect New York City wedding photographer. Not in NYC? No problem! Tracey Attlee is your mid-Atlantic wedding photographer. Maryland, New Jersey, DC, DE and Virginia weddings are her specialty. Interested in a destination wedding? Continue reading on the next page to find out how Tracey Attlee can serve you! We are also corporate event photographers. Please give us a call for more information on our services.

DC based destination wedding photographer Tracey Attlee and atmosphere - Looking for that special atmosphere? These days many couples are choosing to have a destination wedding. However, it can be difficult planning a ceremony that is not local. You may have trouble finding an ideal place for the ceremony or reception. Also, it can be hard deciding which photographer to hire from that area. Therefore, why not choose a destination wedding photographer? Coordinate a photojournalistic eye with a beautiful destination to achieve an effect that will last a lifetime. With over 20 years of experience, Tracey Attlee Weddings and Portraits can take your wedding to the next level. Imagine that dream wedding actually coming to life. Now picture your story being told through exquisite photographs that define casual elegance. Document all of the candid moments, delicate details, and the beauty of the wedding's destination. As a destination wedding photographer, Tracey Attlee specializes in a mix of photojournalistic and traditional styles. She is conversant in French and regards the wedding she photographed in Chartres, France as the story of different cultures intertwining beauty and history to create an unforgettable destination wedding. In a recent interview with the International Special Events Society Tracey Attlee says "...At night I took the couple a few steps outside the chateau to an uplit whitewashed silo. They danced for me under the French stars and I photographed their elongated shadows projecting all the way up the old silo to its tiled roof."

​Wedding photographer in New York City - Weddings Photographer In New York - Finding your perfect photographer is made easy with Tracey Attlee Weddings and Portraits. Serving the entire mid-Atlantic region, Tracey Attlee is not just your typical wedding photographer in New York City. Tracey Attlee Weddings and Portraits serves the New York City, Washington, DC and Philadelphia metropolitan areas. She also is available for your spectacular destination wedding and with roots in Spring Lake, NJ, wedding photographer Tracey Attlee is the perfect NJ beach wedding photographer recommended by The Breakers Hotel on the Ocean, Spring Lake Golf Club and Spring Lake Bath & Tennis Club.

​Tracey Attlee: NJ wedding photographer - Blending photojournalistic and casual elegance, Tracey Attlee Weddings and Portraits handles each wedding with the care and attention it deserves. Tracey Attlee documents the whole day as the beautiful story unfolds. Her assistant helps with the lighting, wardrobe and details. NJ wedding photographer, Tracey Attlee, captures the natural and candid fleeting moments that many other photographers miss. Her passion and experience allows couples to treasure her exceptional photography. If you are looking for a corporate event photographer or wedding photographer in New York or the surrounding area, Tracey Attlee Weddings and Portraits is your ideal choice.  

The best weddings photographers in DC, Philadelphia and NY are Attlee Weddings and Portraits with over 25 years of solid photographic experience from the White House to the best private clubs and hotels in the East Coast - The best photographer will unobtrusively capture the essence of the entire day as it unfolds. The photographs will tell a story from beginning to end. The spirit of the couple will come to life through the photographs. It is important to consider how you want your story to be told. Do you prefer traditional poses or candid moments? The couple must determine if they should select a photographer that is also specialized in photojournalism. By selecting one of the many photojournalistic wedding photographers in NY, Philadelphia and DC the couple's photographs will have a mix of art, journalism, and natural beauty. At Tracey Attlee Weddings and Portraits, we believe that a couple's wedding is a magical day. It is not just the ceremony and reception, but actually a series of beautifully intertwined events. When choosing among the many New York, Philadelphia or Washington, DC wedding photographers, it is essential to feel a connection with the photographer you select. The photographer's portfolio should include stunning wedding photos that tell a complete story. You should consider how the story is told and if you like the style in which it was conveyed.  Tracey Attlee tells the story naturally and her clients continue to write thank you notes that say "We are so glad we chose Attlee Weddings and Portraits to photograph our wedding."

​Top Washington, DC weddings photographers Tracey Attlee - Strictly traditional, posed pictures are a thing of the past. Modern wedding albums should have an updated mix of those classic family portraits combined with those often fleeting candid moments and details. Tracey Attlee separates herself from the other wedding photographers in NY, Philadelphia and DC by hand retouching her photographs and a natural ability to create graceful, memorable images. At Tracey Attlee Weddings and Portraits, we understand how difficult and important selecting a photographer can be. With over 25 years of experience from the White House to beautiful weddings on the East Coast, Tracey Attlee has developed a distinctive style that pushes the definition of both traditional and photojournalistic styles. Attention to detail and custom designs are two of the many elements to Tracey Attlee's photographs. When selecting from the numerous Washington, DC wedding photographers, consider choosing a photographer that covers the entire mid-Atlantic region. Tracey Attlee Weddings and Portraits serves Virginia, Washington, D.C., Philadelpia, New Jersey, New York City.

​Tracey Attlee is a top wedding photographer in DC, Philadelphia, New Jersey, New York and is known for NJ Beach Destination weddings. Tracey Attlee Weddings and Portraits truly is your mid-Atlantic photographer with her home office base in Alexandria, VA complimented by a seashore childhood on the beaches of Spring Lake, NJ. Attlee has photographed weddings from Alexandria, VA to Spring Lake, NJ to New York City for 25 years and is recommended by prestigious hotels and private clubs throughout the mid-Atlantic including Congressional Country Club, Bethesda, Maryland and Spring Lake Bath & Tennis Club, Spring Lake, NJ.

​Wardrobe tips from Virginia photographer Tracey Attlee a popular Alexandria, Virginia Child and Family Photographer and New Jersey beach wedding photographer.  Photographing family portraits can be difficult, especially when trying to incorporate several different personalities. One way to let these personalities shine is through proper use of wardrobe. If you have trouble making decisions on wardrobe or accessory selection, you should feel comfortable consulting your photographer. New Jersey shore photographer, Tracey Attlee, loves to provide recommendations based on the style and environment of the portrait requested. One of her favorite suggestions for seaside photographs is blue and khaki combinations. They create a beautiful color harmony with both the sea and sand. Virginia photographer, Tracey Attlee, would like to offer a few helpful tips and tricks on wardrobe selection for family portraits:Wear similar attire - in two main colors and styles.  Choose styles that match your personality and make you feel attractive. Avoid sleeveless tops, patterns or stripes, bright colors, short skirts or shorts, logos.  Solid, neutral, and dark colors are the best.  Select shoes that compliment your clothing. Smile! Nothing looks better in a family portrait than a genuine smile.  

Tracey Attlee: photographer New Jersey - The love between family members should be reflected through family portraits. At Tracey Attlee Weddings and Portraits, we want to reflect your love, passion, interests, and personalities through our beautiful images. Wardrobe selection is not the only essential factor to consider when preparing for photographs. Accessory selection, grooming, and make-up are also important. Jersey shore and Alexandria, Virginia photographer as well as DC child photographer, Tracey Attlee, would also like to offer these helpful make-up hints to make your family or individual photos absolutely stunning. First, your foundation should match your face and neck. It is best to apply it to lips, eyelids, and into your neck for a natural look. Also, you should apply a translucent powder to finish your look. This technique will help keep your make-up looking fresh. Matte and powder eyeshadows blend the best and last the longest. By adding a hint of bronzing powder underneath your cheeks or jawbone, you will give your face a slimmer appearance. The best tip you can receive is to smile and be happy. The natural beauty and glow that comes from a heartfelt smile can change any photograph. These tips and tricks come with a friendly smile from your mid-Atlantic photographer Tracey Attlee where New Jersey, Virginia, Washington, D.C., and New York are just a few of the many areas that she serves.

​Washington, DC child photographer Tracey Attlee - Being able to look back and flip through photographs of your son or daughter's childhood and see how your little one grew up is a beautiful thing. The wonders of growing up always bring a smile to Washington, DC child photographer, Tracey Attlee. To document the passage of time through elegant and personalized photographs is her life's work. She takes special pride in knowing her beautiful photos create memories that last a lifetime for her clients. Remember, childhood is a brief, fleeting moment. Capture those precious candid moments as stunning images. As a lifestyle photographer, Tracey Attlee is known as a good DC location family portraits photographer because her portraits have personality and she specializes in both traditional and photojournalistic styles of digital photography. DC and NY are just two of the many areas that she serves in the mid-Atlantic region.

​Experienced photographer Tracey Attlee - Washington, DC and DC Photography locations and photographic styles aren't the only options and factors to consider when choosing your ideal photographer. They are important; however, there are several other elements people consider when looking for a photographer. Washington, DC photographers many times specialize in a photojournalistic style because they freelance the many news events in this area. But it is years of experience in applying the photojournalistic style to the timing and details of weddings and portraits that separates crossover freelancers from seasoned experts. Tracey Attlee Weddings and Portraits areas of specialty are vast. If you are looking for a Washington, DC child photographer, seaside wedding artist, or corporate event photographer, Tracey Attlee has the experience and knowledge to be that person for you. With White House credentials and wedding work published in the New York Times, Washington Post, and even Town and Country as well as Modern Bride, Tracey Attlee Weddings and Portraits truly is your photographer for any special event.

​Digital photography by Tracey Attlee a DC experienced specialist - Black and white? Color? Traditional film or digital? With all of the advancements in technology Tracey Attlee thinks the way to go is with digital photography. DC, Philadelphia and NY photographer Tracey Attlee has been shooting beautiful and detailed state of the art digital photographs for years. The office of Tracey Attlee Weddings and Portraits is fully insured and licensed. Twenty five years of experience and former White House credentials make Tracey Attlee your ideal photographer. Washington, DC, Philadelphia and New York metropolitan areas house the prestigious hotels and clubs that recommend her reliable photographic services so Tracey Attlee happily serves the entire mid-Atlantic region.

​Washington, DC commercial photographer Tracey Attlee - As a former New York Times and Associated Press White House credentialed photographer, Tracey Attlee has separated herself from the competition with over 25 years of experience specializing in weddings and portraits and who was taught social photography by DC's famed French society photographer Claire Flanders who was known for beautiful black and white candids and portraits in the spirit of Cartier-Bresson and John Singer Sargent. These are just a few of the reasons why Tracey Attlee Weddings and Portraits is your ideal Washington, DC photography and album design specialist. As a diverse DC photographer, Tracey Attlee likes to push the envelope and polish her skills. 

DC Child Photographer Tracey Attlee - While there are many child portrait photographers to choose from, not all photographers have the poise, skill, and patience to handle children. It is important to find a person that your child feels comfortable around. As a licensed and experienced photographer, Tracey Attlee can bring a smile to even the quietest child. The true beauty of photographs is to capture moments in time that let you watch your child grow all over again.  Stunning photographs make the dearest memories last a lifetime.  

​Tracey Attlee for DC Child portrait photographers - Many photographers specialize in one medium or another. For instance there are strictly child portrait photographers, some photographers who only shoot weddings, and even those who specialize incorporate events photography. Some photographers choose to only photograph in color and others strictly in black and white. Tracey Attlee believes in balancing her art. She finds joy and satisfaction photographing all various subjects in assorted locations. She has twenty five years of solid experience lighting and photographing people of all ages on location and in studio. It is essentially up to the client to determine the atmosphere and style they prefer whether indoors, outdoors, candid or formal. However, if they need recommendations or friendly advice, Tracey Attlee loves to help. Tracey Attlee Weddings and Portraits has clients throughout the metropolitan areas of New York and Washington, DC.  Photography isn't a hobby for Tracey - it is a lifestyle.  And she is married to fabulous professional architectural photographer Todd A. Smith who second shoots for her at weddings and helps with lighting her corporate and child portraits; see Todd's recent professional architectural work here and you'll understand his gift with lighting: 

​Experienced Washington, DC weddings photojournalist Tracey Attlee - DC Photojournalists - Telling a rich story as it unfolds is the essence of real photojournalism. It captures those beautiful candid moments and complex emotions that all too often speed by unnoticed. A true photojournalist is skilled in catching these fleeting moments on camera. The complex story of love, passion, emotion, and commitment should come together elegantly in the images. To truly grasp these intricate interactions and moments, a photojournalist must be experienced. Many photographers claim this, especially throughout the metropolitan area of Washington, DC. Photojournalists should go unseen as they snap photographs of the natural, beautiful daily occurrences and miracles. They do not shuffle to pose people in stiff, formal looking pictures. They have a keen eye for what many miss. A true photojournalist lives for taking meaningful photos. This isn't a hobby, but a lifestyle. Among one of the best Washington, DC photojournalists is Tracey Attlee. As a former Associated Press and New York Times White House credentialed photographer, she has covered a wide range of official Washington including elite weddings, political, commercial, corporate and social events.

​Washington, DC photographer: Tracey Attlee - Although Tracey Attlee is highly experienced in the photojournalistic style, she also is educated and polished in delivering traditional photographs. Washington, DC photographer and Virginia photographer Tracey Attlee specializes in wedding, portrait, corporate, commercial, children, advertising, and lifestyle photographs. At Tracey Attlee Weddings and Portraits, we create and design custom albums for clients based on their preferences. We individually blend images, colors, and themes that the client truly loves and wishes to incorporate. When choosing a Washington, DC photographer, consider Tracey Attlee for all of your photographic wishes and needs. From beautiful wedding portraits to an amazing corporate event, photographer Tracey Attlee's experience will shine through.

Top DC location family portraits photographer Tracey Attlee shoots beautiful DC family photos in the homes of Washington DC, MD and No VA newborns, babies, children, and high school seniors.

Top professional Army, Navy, U.S. Marines, Coast Guard and Air Force military funeral video and photo coverage at Arlington National Cemetery is a specialty of former White House photographer Tracey Attlee. 

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Clients say former White House photographer Tracey Attlee is the best weddings photographer in Washington DC because she is so experienced, recommended and trusted for photos that make people look good.

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